Dick Barrymore's acclaimed autobiography and his newest 2 hour video, "The Golden Years of Ski Films"

The Book

SKI Magazine says...

  ..."For anyone who's ever wondered what's so great about skiing, Breaking Even is one long entertaining answer.

  ...Barrymore has survived basic training in the Idaho mountains, been pummeled in the Banzai Pipeline, skied through the treacherous ice flows in New Zealand and evaded the wrath of authorities everywhere, all in the name of entertainment -- his and ours.

  ..."Breaking Even is a hilarious volume of ski history, and a look at what can happen if you make your own rules. If Barrymore hadn't lived it, even Hollywood couldn't have dreamt it up."

Edith Thys
Senior Editor
SKI Magazine

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The Video

This video OPENS with a skier doing a back flip over a moving freight train and it builds from there!

"The Golden Years of Ski Films" is 113 minutes of non-stop action that spans two and a half decades of skiing. This is a must-see video for anyone who ever put on a pair of skis.

Barrymore's ski films have earned him numerous gold medals in the New York film and TV festivals, special recognition from the Ski Industries of America, and more recently, the prestigious 'Jerry' lifetime acheivement award for ski film production.

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Since 1986, Dick left the limelight of making ski and adventure films, telling his story across the USA, for a small Mexican village in Baja California. Dick began developing a small rustic resort in Cabo Pulmo with all the amenities in modern style. In 1993 his son Cole Barrymore left the airline industry to come and help finish out the resort. Then in 1996, Cole began his property management business. Now the village rents 25 units to customers from around the world as a vacation destination for Divers, Snorkelers and kayakers. Also there are small fishing pangas that go out on request for fisherman.

In 1995 the National Government declared Cabo Pulmo a National Marine Park. See www.cabopulmopark.com for more info on the park . As an avid spear fisherman, the Barrymore's had to give it all up to help promote the diving and fishing and accommodate the national park rules. Then Cole decided it was time to get into diving. Now, more than 12 years later, Cabo Pulmo Dive center located inside the village is one of the best operations in all of Baja. With 6 full-time instructors on staff , the dive center runs tours almost every day of the year.

Now this underwater sea world on the East Cape of Baja is teaming with much bigger fish than before. From Loreto to La Paz and on to San Jose and then to Cabo San Lucas you will not find anything like Cabo Pulmo. On the outer reef in only 60 feet of water, there are several huge Black Sea Bass the size of refrigerators! An amazing sight to see. The shear numbers of fishes in the marine park are astronomical. Scuba Divers now get to experience this special little Mexican village where there are no time share sale salesmen or panhandlers to sell you anything. Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is one of the most relaxing places to visit in the world. It feels like "Old Mexico" the way it was back in the 70's. For more information see: